Featured Project Hornsby Boathouse

This Lake Holden dock and boathouse features the signature Fender Marine Construction meandering access walkway. The wood pieces used include 2”x 6” tongue and groove roof decking and 4”x 6” rafters spaced at 4’ on center finished with a scroll cut on the tail. The metal roofing had not been installed by the owner’s subcontractor for these photos.

Techniques and materials used in this project

When constructing the boathouse and walkway for Lake Holden, we employed certain materials and techniques we felt best for the area and it’s conditions. We chose a meandering walkway as opposed to a straight one, specific scroll cuts, and the tongue and groove method.

The meandering walkway was chosen in this project not only for its creative look. The word meander means to curve, bend, or wind. Including these patterns left points on the path where guests could stop and look out at the water or grab something from their bag. Others can pass them on the opposite side without a traffic jam on the walkway.

A scroll cut is made by a small electric or pedal-operated saw simply called a scroll cutter. This tool’s thin blade can make more intricate curvy patterns than other saws. It can be used to make designs out of wood, metal or rubber. It gives our boathouse design a classy look and sets it apart from your average boathouse.

Tongue and groove may sound silly but it is actually a method of fitting wood together. Its joints allow two flat pieces to fit together to create a single flat surface. This technique of placing wood makes a tight seal between the planks and allows for absolute protection from elements, warping and shrinking.

Using the scenery to our advantage

From our photos you can tell that Lake Holden is beautiful and sits in an affluent community. When building the dock, boathouse, and walkway, we wanted to keep in mind that guests and boaters would use this structure to enjoy themselves on the water. This is why the small details mentioned above are important. Being able to dock boats, swim or sight-see along a lavish structure is important to the people that live near this brilliant body of water. Fender Marine always takes the community's needs and interests into consideration when building long-lasting structures for cities.