Featured Project Gaylord Palms

We constructed the dock structure and the handrail system including the theme of the resorts Key West section. The copper pile caps for the round piles were custom crafted and add such a rich feel to the rail system. The square pile caps were handcrafted, one of a kind and fit the look of the resorts theming. This was a design/build project handled by Rick Fender when he was an owner of Hodgskin Outdoor Living, Inc.

What are dock piles?

Piles for docks are long columns made of either steel, wood, or concrete that are driven into the ground underwater. The piles keep the dock above water level and balance the various weight being put on the dock at all times, such as pedestrian traffic. Pile caps are located at the top of the piles and have many styles to choose from. Their main purpose is to seal off exposed piles and provide a decorative element to the dock. For the Gaylord Palms project, it was a customized square pile cap.

Importance of foundations

When investing in a dock, it’s crucial to have an expert like Fender Marine help you construct a functional, safe, and appealing structure. Docks are comprised of multiple components, which all play a part in its foundation. Parts like posts, beams, decking, and railing make up a reliable dock. They work together to help reduce noises like creaking, vibration sensitivity, and durability.

Docks look strong and sturdy but can easily become the opposite without proper prevention, maintenance, and tools. It’s important to choose the right type of piling, for this example we’ll use wood piles. With wood piles you want to make sure they can withstand the type of water they’re sitting in, like salt water. Creating barriers on the wood such as with PVC shrink wraps, can help it retain its look and strength over time. Considering both of these points when building a dock can help prevent wood rot, UV damage and discoloration, and other elemental deterioration.