Featured Project Bonnet Creek

Bonnet Creek is a project located near Disney and Lake Buena Vista, Florida. We performed a design build for the floating dock and gangways for this semicircular, aluminum framed, pedestrian boardwalk. The deck was colored concrete stamped with a wood grain finish. Raven's Marine manufactured the deck for us.

How Gangways and Floating Docks Work Together

For this project, Fender Marine constructed a floating dock and gangway for Bonnet Creek. These two structures work together to perform many tasks relating to their vessel. In this case, the floating dock and gangway allow passengers to get on and off a boat that travels through this small body of water. There is also a boardwalk for guests to walk across the water to the other side of the resort.

What is a Gangway

A gangway is a narrow passage that joins a dock to a ship and can be compared to a ramp. It can also refer to a passage used to board or disembark the ship. In some cases, gangways are used to load and unload a ship’s cargo. They can either be built into the side of a ship or attached and detached to different portions of the vessel.

What is a Floating Dock

Floating docks are a type of large platform that floats on the water’s surface. Though they are connected to land, they are not anchored to the floor of the body of water. Floating docks are available in pre-built sections that can be designed in various different shapes and sizes. While many property owners prefer fixed docks, at time floating docks are considered the perfect solution for most bodies of water. Since it could be removed and attached it’s very useful in recreational areas or high traffic areas.