May 10

Driving H-Pile At The Grove Resort & Spa Orlando


Fender Marine Construction using a vibratory hammer to drive H-piles at the Grove Resort & Spa Orlando in Winter Garden, FL. H-Piles are steel beams that are driven into the earth by pile driving equipment. The tough and durable cross sections provide excellent driving characteristics when driving in difficult soil and rock conditions, causing the soil to almost liquefy.

Fender Marine Construction performs all types of Commercial and Industrial marine construction including marinas, seawalls, cofferdams, caissons, channel markers, docks, decks, pergolas, boardwalks and gazebos. This includes such work as pile driving of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl sheeting as well as concrete pile and wood pile. We also perform hydro-excavation and dredging. For the very best materials and workmanship and for a good price, call us: 407-481-2750.



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