We are experts at everything marine construction and docks are one of our specialties. We can build a boathouse directly on your property that will make storing and accessing your boats easy. At Fender Marine Construction, we have established ourselves as the company to turn to for anything dock related in Orlando, Florida. We can build, design and repair docks of all shapes and sizes.

Residential and Commercial Dock Contractors

A dock can be used for bringing boats or ships to the shore for loading and unloading goods and passengers. A small dock can be located on a local lake and for launching a canoe or smaller boat. When these vessels are docked, they’re pulled into a pier or boathouse either at a commercial or residential area. Docks come in all sizes and materials, which are made in order for their specific function.

Different Types of Docks

There are a few different types of docks made from many materials suited for their needs. Some are more popular than others such as wood being used for most dock construction. Common docks of choice are floating docks, crib docks, and piling docks.

Floating docks are large platforms that float on the water’s surface. They can either be built or come in pre-made sections that can be attached in different patterns. These docks are considered more practical because they can be detached and do not damage sediment. During severe weather, floating docks can be put away and reattached later on.

A crib dock is made from wooden crates called cribs that are placed along the bottom of the docks. The frames are filled with large rocks and covered with decking. The crib portion supports the weight on top, such as people, and also attach the dock to the bottom of the lake. This is a permanent structure and are usually custom built for their specific purpose.

The most common style of dock is the piling dock. They’re made by inserting wooden beams called pilings deep into the ground underwater. The dock is connected to piles by rollers that allow it to rise and fall with water levels. Piling docks are still able to do this while still maintaining its position in the water.