Commercial marine construction projects are vital to those who love being out on the water. These structures are important to get people from place to place, dock their boats, or just enjoy the sunset on the lake. Marine construction makes this all possible for businesses and public areas that many look forward to visiting.

What is Marine Construction

The industry responsible for building beautiful, long-lasting structures in water work in the areas of  marine construction. The companies involved design, build, and repair these pieces that can be in or around water. For example, bridges are a common marine structure that allows people to cross over water and is built by a team in this field.

What Does Commercial Mean

The commercial term comes into play when the building is done for public companies or in areas accessible to the public such as a park. A great example for a structure like this would be a boardwalk in Marriott’s Cypress Harbor that Fender Marine built. It is responsible for getting guests across the water in an area that isn’t necessarily private.

what is marine construction

Types of Commercial Marine Construction

Each marine construction piece has its own purpose and they’re all built with various materials. Depending on what the structure is made for will determine the right material, such as being able to withstand their appropriate loads. Popular and reliable supplies include steel, timber, stone, and concrete. Some are made with combinations of these.

A few examples of marine construction are piers, docks, and boardwalks. A pier is a platform supported by pillars outstretched over water. They are usually used for entertainment purposes like fairs. A dock is an extension from the shore where sailors can anchor their boats and cross onto land. A boardwalk is a walkway above the water or beach, they’re usually constructed from wood. While they may seem similar, each provide a unique service to connect us with the water.

types of commercial marine construction

Certified Marine Construction Contractors

Fender Marine Construction builds the best commercial marine projects in Central Florida in the shortest period of time. Fender Marine boasts having an all employees workforce. Fender Marine does not have to depend on subcontractors to get the project done! Fender Marine carries the required General Liability Insurance as well as the Federal United States and Longshore Insurance as is required any time we work on or adjacent to any body of water in the State of Florida.