Commercial Pile Driving

Commercial Pile Driving Contractors

Fender Marine Construction is your primary contractor choice in Central Florida for all types of Marine Construction Projects. From residential projects like boathouses to commercial projects such as boardwalks, we will work within budget and use high quality materials.

In this particular project, Fender Marine Construction was working in Southwest Orange County installing a cofferdam on a creek to allow for construction of a culvert and headwalls. The steel sheet pile driving project in this waterway was very environmentally sensitive and monitored consistently for water quality and water turbidity. Fender Marine’s pile driving team utilized a vibratory hammer to install the steel sheet pile cofferdam in a few days. The cofferdam was then dewatered, the culvert pipe installed, the headwalls poured and the temporary sheet pile cofferdam was removed. This marine construction project was a complete success and the customer paid only the money they estimated.

Fender Marine Construction has been in the industry for over 15 years. Having built and worked on countless marine construction projects over the years, our contractors are fully licensed and very experienced. We are confident in our ability to create high quality work with reasonable pricing. Give us a call today to learn more: 407-481-2750