Residential bridges are built mainly for minimal foot traffic or smaller residential areas. A commercial bridge is built for a company for use within it’s property. Residential bridges can be used privately to connect homes to their driveways, go over a creek in a state park, or maintain stability over a shaky path. Even smaller bridges can rack up the dollar amount in order to be built correctly.

What is a Commercial Bridge

As stated previously, commercial bridges are primarily used for businesses or in commercial areas. This could be like a bridge at a resort that goes over a pool area or through a golf course.These structures must abide by specific guidelines for their companies. Most of these places involve heavy foot traffic or vehicles moving through. In order for the bridges to function to their highest standard, the best quality materials and engineering must be utilized.

what is a commercial bridge

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Bridge

Like mentioned before, even small bridges can cost up to $250,000. Bridges can be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million when complete. The cost of the bridges depends on the type, where it is located, it’s purpose, and what materials it is made from. Large bridge prices are unbelievably high such as the Cooper River bridge in South Carolina. It cost $836.9 Million to build and stretches a remarkable 13,200 feet long.

What Determines Their Pricing

All high-quality materials are used when building bridges to ensure longevity and safety. For example, strong material like steel is usually used in larger bridges because they’re can support heavy weight and withstand extreme weather conditions. Considering the type of bridge plays a part as well. Bridges floating over water or road are more costly because they involve more extensive engineering and techniques like more man power, crane operation, planning, and drawing.

how much does it cost to build a bridge

Pedestrian and Vehicle Bridge Projects

At Fender Marine Construction, we built some of the most visually appealing and functional bridges in Orlando, Florida area. If you need a bridge built on your property, we will complete the project according to your specifications. Check our bridges gallery to see completed projects.

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