Bridge builders and contractors in Daytona Beach, Fender Marine offers construction and installation of all types of pedestrian bridges for Daytona Beach waterfront properties. The materials and tools we use are top-quality to ensure a safe and sturdy construction project, so everyone who walks across the bridge will feel secure. We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients in the Daytona Beach area, so feel free to give us a call for details about what we can build for you.

Since we have experience in all types of marine construction projects in Daytona Beach, we are an excellent choice to do the work on your vehicle bridge project. Our experts have knowledge, skills, and experience, and our staff members receive continuous training while employed to ensure that each employee can complete the job correctly. We take all building codes and requirements very seriously and have skilled designers who will create a design that works with what you want, as well as accommodate the needs of the population of Daytona Beach.

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Vehicle Bridge Construction in Daytona Beach

Residences or commercial areas located near a body of water, like Daytona Beach, may require vehicle bridges in order to allow access between cities and other areas. Some of the most famous bridges around the country are also beautiful landmarks. These include the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the George Washington Bridge. If your company is looking at options for adding vehicle bridges to areas in your city, give us a call. We can build sturdy vehicle bridges that make it easier for residents to commute in and out of the city.

Our vehicle bridges can be built and installed in Daytona Beach, Florida. In addition to offering this type of project, we can also build custom boardwalks, piers, docks, and marinas to encourage foot traffic around the water. We also offer retaining walls, seawalls, boathouses, and more, so give us a call today and we can accommodate all of your marine construction needs.

Pedestrian Bridge Builders in Daytona Beach

Busy roads and highways are common and seen every day in Daytona Beach, Florida. Going from one location to another is usually a daunting task, especially for pedestrians on foot. At times it can also be unsafe.  For this reason, our expert pedestrian bridge contractors design bridges that give pedestrians and bicyclists a safe way to cross a busy road.

Many times pedestrian bridges are seen in places such as large facilities, universities, hospitals, parking garages, and most commonly in shopping centers and attraction spots. In Daytona Beach, they are also seen in hotels and theme parks.

Pedestrians and cyclists are often used to sharing the road with traffic, something that is potentially dangerous. A pedestrian bridge, also known as a footbridge makes it easier for walkers and bikers to safely cross busy roads. Our pedestrian bridge builders and contractors also design and create bridges that enrich the area.

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