Central Florida boat lift contractor and builders, a boat lift will allow residents to access the local lake by being able to lift and lower boats into the water from a boathouse. At Fender Marine Construction, we construct boat lifts made of wood or concrete piling, concrete or fiberglass framing, and also wood, and vinyl. If there’s an area with incredible views that isn’t easily accessible with a boat, we can build a boat lift in your nearby body of water. Boat lifts can enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the water.

Boat Lift Construction Services

At Fender Marine we design and build boat lifts specifically to help you get the most out of your property. We can build a boat lift near your home, business, community or marina that enhances everyone’s enjoyment of the property.

Our boat lifts vary in complexity and price. We can build you a basic boat lift with our pre-designed plans. We are more than happy to show you completed boat lift projects that used our pre-designed plans to give you a better feel for what type of plan is right for your property. Using one of our basic boat lift plans also speeds up the design and construction process, so you can start enjoying your new boat lift as soon as possible.

If you have something a little different in mind that one of our basic boat lifts can’t accomplish, let us know. We can build custom boat lifts that are designed and created according to your exact wishes and specifications. Our experts will work directly with you throughout the entire process so to ensure that the boat lift we build on your property mirrors what you had in mind. This type of project will take a bit more time, but the results will make it all worth it. At Fender Marine Construction, we believe that there isn’t a project, no matter how large or small, that we can’t accomplish.

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Boat Travel Lift Construction

Fender Marine Construction set (12) 24” square concrete pile 50 foot long for an Osceola County boat travel lift.   The Boat lift will allows residents to access the local lake by  lifting boats over land bride from community canal system. Hanover is a new residential waterfront subdivision South of Orlando Florida where the residents will have boathouses and docks in their backyard. Then they can travel through the canal system to make it over the new boat travel lift which gives them access to Alligator Lake. As Florida State Certified Marine Contractors, Fender Marine Construction drives Steel, concrete, vinyl, wood and aluminum pile all over Central Florida for projects such as cofferdams, boat docks, seawalls, retaining walls, bridges, piers, breakwaters, wave attenuators, boat travel lifts and floating docks.

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