August 25

3 Benefits of Building Boathouses


Building BoathousesAre you considering adding a boathouse to your waterfront property?  Boathouses provide you (and your boat) with some great benefits.  Let’s look at a few things a boathouse can offer:

  1. Shelter – When your boat is not in use, it can be safely stored under a roof.  Most boathouses also allow you to store your boat out of the water.  Think of it as a garage for your boat!
  2. Security – A boathouse can provide you with a storage facility for your boat; it’s much better than just leaving it next to a dock.  For you, this means less time worrying about theft and more time enjoying the water.
  3. Convenience – Boathouses allow you quick and easy access to your watercraft.  You don’t have to transport your boat to the water; just step out to your beautiful boathouse and pat yourself on the back for deciding to have one built.

For more information about boathouses and how we can help you build one, contact us at Fender Marine Construction today.



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