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Vinyl sheet piling is an innovative, hybrid sheet piling system proven to withstand the test of time. It’s dual-interlocking joints are driven into the ground to create a strong and durable barrier for commercial and residential marine projects. It combines two of the most proven materials- Steel- reinforced concrete and long term vinyl protections. Hybrid sheet piling or vinyl sheet piling is becoming the preferred method to use for seawalls. In the past, materials such as concrete, aluminum and wood have been used but there are many factors that influence what material is best for the project.


Below are some of the top reasons why Vinyl Sheet Piling is becoming so popular:

  • Vinyl Sheet Piling combines the strength of steel and concrete, and vinyl protection.
  • It can be installed as a new wall or in front of an old concrete wall.
  • Cost efficient
  • Non corrosive, non chalking, chemical resistant and UV-resistant
  • Can be installed and rock and coral soil  
  • Easy Installation
  • Offers a solution for many wall projects- seawalls, bulkheads, retaining walls, head-walls, cutoff walls, etc.

Residential and Commercial Vinyl Sheet Piling

Vinyl Sheet Piling
Hybrid Sheet Piling

Vinyl sheet piling is becoming popular among both commercial and residential property owners. Among the many other benefits, residential property owners value the following:

  • Low impact and minimally invasive construction
  • Eco- friendly- the material is made with over 92% recycled material.
  • Maintenance free- Since the sheets will not crack or corrode, they will basically take care of themselves.
  • Can be installed as a new wall or in front of an old wall.

Durable, low maintenance and reliable, these are just some of the reasons why commercial property owners gravitate toward this seawall technology. Here’s some other things they value:

  • Made to withstand harsh saltwater environments
  • Provides strength needed for projects with lightweight equipment and small crew
  • Reliable tested performance

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