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Seawall Contractors, Seawalls prevent the erosion of a shoreline located near a body of water. They also deflect the energy of the sea and push it back towards the water. So the force from the sea is not capable of harming the surrounding properties. If you own or live on a property by one of the lakes in Orlando, Florida. Then protecting your structure from the surrounding water may seem like an overwhelming task. But we can build a seawall to ensure that your property is not subject to damage. As the leading provider of seawall construction services in the Orlando area, we guarantee that working with us will be beneficial for you and your property.

We build basic seawalls all over Orlando, Florida and the surrounding areas. As a Florida State Certified Marine Contractor, we specialize in building the best seawalls for the least amount of money. If you want steel, aluminium, concrete, masonry (MSE), or fiberglass seawalls, we are the best marine construction company for the job. We also build mechanically stabilized earthen walls, such as Keystone and Anchor walls.

We realize that not every piece of property or shore front location in Orlando is the same as the one next door. Because of this, we can build a custom seawall for your property if it has unique characteristics or you have specific requirements. As experienced marine contractors, we have the knowledge required to build custom seawalls that are capable of deflecting water and energy away from your property and performing this function for many years to come.

Contact us to learn how a seawall could benefit your storefront property, increase its value and ensure it's protected. We also provide quality seawall repair services in Orlando and the surrounding areas!

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Commercial Seawall Construction

Work with Fender Marine Construction on your next commercial seawall construction. We take pride in providing the latest seawall technology that will give your business a boost in its appeal.

When it comes to seawall construction, we work hand in hand with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. From design, to planning and designing, we will be with you every step of the way. If there are municipal inspections inspections needed, we will also take care of that for you. Fender Marine Construction has been trusted by customers all over Central Florida for over a decade. With our combined experience, our team has all the qualifications you need to get a project complete.

Our company specializes in custom designs, new seawall construction, maintenance and repair.

Below are some examples of our commercial seawall construction. Don’t hesitate in giving us a call for a quote or questions.

commercial seawall construction
commercial seawall contractors central florida
concrete seawall construction

If you are interested in our services please contact us for a free quote.

Residential Seawall Construction

Shoreline erosion is one of the reasons why those with waterfront properties invest in a seawall.

Fender Marine Construction has been specializing in seawall construction for years. From the beginning of the process they assess your needs as a customer and then merge that with what is needed to protect the property. The most requested seawall material is steel but others include vinyl and rock seawalls.

Fender Marine Construction has the experience you need for your residential seawall construction. Our company specializes in custom residential designs, new construction, maintenance and repair.

Below are some examples of our residential  seawall construction. Don’t hesitate in giving us a call for a quote or questions.

residential seawall construction
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Wooden Seawall Contractors and Builders

Waterfront properties are seen all around Florida. If your property is near a body of water such as a lake, river, canal or ocean, you may need to invest in a seawall.  A seawall helps protect your commercial or residential property by preventing erosion and prevent flooding.

Wooden seawalls are commonly used and could be considered the most traditional. They tend to be more cost effective than other materials but still require regular maintenance in order to stand the test of time. As any other marine construction, the longevity of a seawall will depend on the quality of design and construction, maintenance, and weather impacts. However, with the proper maintenance, a wooden seawall can last decades.

Here at Fender Marine Construction, all of our wooden seawalls are engineered to give you the highest level of quality and structural integrity. We understand that not all properties are the same so our team has the ability to customize your wooden seawall to your liking.

 All new construction has to be permitted, our wooden seawall contractors and builders will walk you through every step of the way and If you need a seawall or are interested in maintenance or repairs, give us a call at 407-481-2750.

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Aluminum Seawall Contractors and Builders

Designing and building a seawall is a great way to add value to your waterfront property or business. Building seawalls is one of the most common ways property owners not only enhance their property but also create added protection.

When it comes to seawall materials, there are a few options. We always emphasize the importance of consulting with our team at Fender Marine before you begin any type of marine construction. The choices matter on a few different factors such as location, size, material, and other factors. However, these are all matters that we discuss during the initial consultation process.

One of the most common materials used for seawalls is aluminum. Aluminum seawalls tend to be more durable and cost effective compared to wood, concrete, and steel seawalls. Particularly in freshwater environments, there is little to no damage. With aluminum seawalls, we typically also use aluminum caps and aluminum tie-back rods and deadmen.

They will likely last a lifetime in normal applications. Aluminum is not subject to rust or corrosion compared to steel.  However, over time the panels are subject to some staining from the water and elements. The aluminum caps may not be great in situations where there may be foot traffic along the wall.

Vinyl Seawall Contractors and Builders

Vinyl seawall combines steel reinforced concrete and long lasting vinyl protection. It is becoming the preferred way to build cost effective and low maintenance seawalls. It is ideal for both residential and commercial properties. If concrete, wood or aluminum built seawalls does not interest you, then vinyl seawall will be your best option. Vinyl seawall is made of over 92% recycled material so it is very environmental friendly and it is very low maintenance. It can even be build in front of old seawall for a even faster completion time.

Please give us a call if you are interested in knowing more about vinyl seawalls. Our certified marine contractors will provide you with answers and cost estimates in a timely manner. You can trust us to always do excellent work.

Concrete Seawall Contractors and Builders

Concrete seawalls are made of concrete panels with  reinforced steel or metal supports. This is part of what makes them super durable. These seawalls create a strong flat surface that can last 30 to 50 years if well maintained. Other types of seawalls can have concrete caps which help to make them sturdy and help them to last longer. A good example would be a vinyl seawall with a concrete cap.

Even though the concrete seawall is one of the strongest methods out there, it does have its share of complications. Without being properly maintained, concrete can crack or split. This can either be from damaging elements or old age. The seawalls are more prone to cracking around corners or turns of the wall, so builders should keep an eye on these areas.

Concrete seawall repair is a quick and simple process when done by professionals. If cracks and chips are dealt with as soon as possible, they can be fixed easily and ensure the longevity of the seawall. If left for too long, repairs can be costly and might require a new seawall altogether.

We can repair the concrete seawall in these straightforward steps:

  1. Brush out any debris in cracks like rocks or dirt
  2. Pour water over the area to make the concrete damp
  3. Paint on a concrete bonding liquid, getting deep into the cracks
  4. Mix a new batch of concrete in a bucket and apply to affected areas
  5. Smooth over with a trowel and let it cure for about 24 hours

Below is a video of some concrete seawall projects we’ve completed and the process of the construction.

concrete seawall contractors and builders
concrete seawall contractors
concrete seawall construction

Seawall Services

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