Pedestrian bridge builders and contractors, a pedestrian bridge is designed to provide pedestrians with a safe way to cross from one side to another. This prevents them from having to enter a busy road. Some are even constructed over railroad tracks, parking lots and other areas where walking could be dangerous. Other times we also see some popular types of pedestrian bridges such as boardwalks, piers and docks.

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Types of Pedestrian Bridges

Different types of pedestrian bridges are needed in various areas. Whether people need to cross water, dirt, or a road, there are bridges made specifically for each circumstance. Location of these bridges also determines what material will fit best when factoring in the number of foot traffic and environment.


pedestrian bridge skywalk

A skyway, or skywalk, is a type of pedestrian bridge that connects one building to another. It is an enclosed bridge usually by glass. It provides this connection at a high altitude, usually from the top of a parking garage to the building across from it.


pedestrian bridge piers

A pier is another type of bridge solely for foot traffic. They can be anywhere from 15-50 feet tall and are supported by pillars that come up out of the water. It is used for many things such as entertainment, a simple strolling area to look out to sea, or for tying up boats in order to get back on land.


pedestrian bridge walkways

Another type of pedestrian bridge is an elevated walkway. This is a path for walking in forests, beaches, or over a lake. Walkways can connect different sections of a building or a wide path in a park or garden.

Materials Used to Build Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian bridges can be made from a variety of materials. Since these bridges can be anywhere from over water to in a dense forest, the material being used needs to fit the environment it is in. Some of the most popular options include wood piling, concrete piling, composite, vinyl, fiberglass and concrete. Organic materials such as wood may need to be maintained as it can degrade over time. Bridges can also collapse over time if not properly taken care of.

Benefits of a Pedestrian Bridge

benefits of a pedestrian bridge

Pedestrian bridges are built to make it easier for people to get across a busy street or cross bodies of water. They’re a safe option for cities and parks since they minimize pedestrian contact with vehicles. Bustling cities implement these bridges so people don’t have to wait to cross the street, like with a crosswalk. Pedestrians can easily be on their way by safely passing over the busy roads using the bridges provided.


Are Pedestrian Bridges Safe

are pedestrian bridges safe

Usually, pedestrian bridges pass over a busy road. It’s clear why some may think they are dangerous and if used improperly, they can be. However, cities and engineers have taken these dangers into consideration by creating safe entries and exits to the bridge. Entries and exits have their own staircases with railings and sometimes are covered as well. These bridges are often covered at the top with fencing and feature railings to hold onto while crossing.

At Fender Marine Construction we pride ourselves in creating and building all types of pedestrian bridges for waterfront properties all over Central Florida. Our experts use high-quality materials and tools to ensure a safe and sturdy construction project so everyone who walks across the bridge will feel secure. When it comes to our services, we offer our services to both residential and commercial clients, so feel free to give us a call for details about what we can build for you.

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