Gazebo and Pergola Projects

Our main focus as a company is marine construction. We have used our experience on these projects and expanded it to include services like pavilions & shade structures. The pavilions and shade structures we build create an elegant area for outdoor entertainment and shelter in Orlando, FL.

We have created some of the most beautiful and functional pavilions and shade structures in the Orlando region. If you’re not convinced that you want to have a pavilion or shade structure, give us a call. We can introduce you to the benefits associated with these structures and answer any questions you might have.

Pavilion 1
Pavilions & Shade Structures In Orlando FL 4
Pavilion 7
Pavilion 10
Pavilion 13
Pavilion 16
Pavilion 19
Pavilion 2
Pavilion 5
Pavilion 8
Pavilion 11
Pavilion 14
Pavilion 17
Pavilion 20
Pavilion 3
Pavilion 6
Pavilion 9
Pavilion 12
Pavilion 15
Pavilion 18
Pavilion 21