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A building’s foundation is essential to the overall stability of the structure. We take into account that you value your property and do not want anything detrimental to happen to it. Because of this, we specializes in is foundation repair. However, many commercial property owners in Orlando are unaware that they have a problem until it is too late.

Water Is A Common Culprit

One of the main reasons industrial buildings need foundation repair is due to water damage. If the cracks are small, they can be filled with epoxy. However, this will only keep water from coming in and will not fix the root of the problem. When water accumulates in the soil near your building’s base, the soil expands and puts pressure on the surrounding walls. This will cause cracks and other imperfections to appear. To prevent water from harming your foundation, make sure that the downspouts extending from your building are in working order. Also make sure that there are no clogs in your draining system.

Uneven Foundations

Another common problem we see regularly is buildings with uneven foundations. This occurs when the foundation has tipped, bowed, or is severely cracked in certain places. In order to prevent further deterioration, foundation repair and substantial reinforcement is needed. The walls from the inside may be repaired using wall anchors spaced along each wall or with wood or steel braces. If the building’s foundation has become too uneven to benefit from one of these methods, part or all of the foundation may need to be excavated and repaired.

Signs To Watch Out For

Signs that your property needs repair will occur on the exterior and interior of a building. Here are some signs to call us for:

Shifting Walls

Separating Walls


Interior Damage

Foundation repair is one of our specialties, and we are available to our Central Florida customers 24/7 for added ease and convenience. Call us now!

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Foundation Repair Services

When you have cracks in your walls at your home or other building, your foundation may be failing. If you notice doors sticking or windows that won't open, think about foundation repair. If your foundation is in trouble call Fender Marine.

One of the biggest issues with foundations is improper support. This usually occurs as the soil under the foundation settles and shifts. When the soil changes, the foundation loses its support system. This leads to the foundation becoming uneven or cracked, which then provides improper support for a home. When a foundation is not supporting the home properly a range of problems will occur. It is very important that you identify these problems as soon as possible.

One of the most alarming signs that something is wrong with the foundation of a home is visible cracks in walls. These cracks will usually become noticeable first in the basement or lower level of a home.

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If you notice cracks in a wall then you should contact a professional right away. Wall cracks are not normal. These cracks occur because the foundation shifted and the walls are no longer being supported on a level surface. This creates tension on the wall structure and will cause the wall to crack or break due to this tension. Cracks can be deceiving, though. Some cracks are cosmetic issues.

Another sign you may see when your foundation is going bad is uneven flooring or walls. This may be obvious as you walk across and can feel the unevenness. You may also notice furniture is slanting. In severe cases, you will even see spaces between the walls and floor or the walls and the ceiling where they are pulling apart or moving apart.

If you have exposed beams in your home, you can check beams for early signs that something is wrong. Beams should be flush against the ceiling. They should not be bowed or sag in any way. Beams provide major support within the home and when they start to fail, you are facing a possibly dangerous situation. Failing beams can be a direct result of a failing foundation, so get a professional to inspect the situation.

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