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DOCK BUILDERS IN WINTER PARK - When it comes to boat docks, Fender Marine Construction designs and builds the highest quality docks in the Central Florida area. Our contractors provide professional and customized construction to best fit your needs. We provide you with an entire team that will design, build  and inspect your deck or dock in Orlando, FL.

Our expert dock builders in Winter Park will guide you from the beginning and will you ensure you are left with a 100% safe, secure and reliable dock for your property.


Just like any major project, before construction begins its important that you consider the use you will get out of your dock. How will it be used? Will it be for boat access, fishing or swimming?

These are just some things to consider when deciding the size, location and materials.

All states differ in how they regulate the construction of your new dock. Some require permits, others don’t. However, don’t stress over extra work, we will take care of this for you. Our team will check with your local town or municipality before getting to work on your custom dock construction.

Dock Building Service

A dock provides the property owner with an access point to the lake or ocean. We have years of experience designing and building custom docks for residential and commercial docks. Fender Marine also specializes in basic docks, custom docks, floating docks, boat docks, commercial docks and dock repairs.

In order for the dock to be secure and stable, choosing the right materials is key. One of our professional Fender Marine contractors will walk you through every step of the way and will explain why specific materials are used for certain docks.

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