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Cofferdams are enclosures built across or within bodies of water that can pump water out of the enclosed area. The main purpose of a cofferdam is to dry out a part of a lake or river. So construction can take place on the land of this area. Commonly used to clear space to repair bridges, piers, oil platforms and other structures that are used in marine settings. Therefore cofferdams are very important in the construction world. Once the work is complete, the final step is removing the enclosure, so the area can be filled with water.

At Fender Marine Construction, one of the services we offer is the installation of cofferdams. We can also perform the repair work on various marine structures and will clean up the area when the project is complete. We offer this to those with waterfront properties in or near Orlando, Florida. With several lakes located nearby, this is a common need for residents as well as commercial vendors.

If you have questions or concerns about cofferdams, feel free to give us a call at Fender Marine Construction. We have a team of experienced employees who can answer your questions and help draw up a plan for your repair work. We will work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with the completed repair project and removal of the water. Customer service is an important aspect of our business!

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What is a Cofferdam Used For

A cofferdam is a kind of watertight enclosure built within a body of water. It facilitates construction projects and allow the enclosed area to be pumped out. This pumping creates a dry work environment so that the work can be carried out safely and effectively. Cofferdams are commonly used for the construction of piers and other types of structures within bodies of water. They are usually formed from sheet piles that are supported by internal braces. Usually once the construction project is completed, the cofferdam is then dismantled.

A cofferdam can be made of many types of materials as well as shapes. The most common shapes include circular cofferdams and rectangular ones. However the most important thing is to have a cofferdam that is structured for stability.  The structure and material of a cofferdam will directly impact how reliable it is in holding water back. The cofferdam must be able to withstand high pressures in order to provide safety for the workers on-site. Cofferdam walls can reach all the way to the surface of the water, with an opening at the top or it can be totally enclosed. I deeper waters, enclosed ones are safer while open structures tend to work best in shallow water.

Fender Marine Construction has the experience and knowledge needed to build strong, safe and secure cofferdams for your next marine construction.

Types of Cofferdams

Working in and around water poses a lot of challenges for crews. Cofferdams are constructed and installed with one purpose: to retain water and provide a dry surface for crews to successfully and safely build projects. There are many different types of cofferdams. There are ways to customize a cofferdam depending on the job site. Cofferdams vary in size and material.

Below are some types of cofferdams:

Braced Cofferdams - Braced cofferdams are made from a single wall of sheet piles driven into the ground. This is what forms a box around the excavation. Beams are then braced in order to stop them from collapsing inward. This is where the name “braced” comes from. The cofferdam is then de-watered. This cofferdam design will withstand strong waters and give workers the chance to work around the area.

Cellular Cofferdams - Cellular cofferdams tend to be the best option for larger projects. This type of cofferdam is designed to support large work areas. These are made by driving sheet piles into a circular pattern and then repeating the process next to the original in order to form circular sections The circular cells connect thus providing a tight seal against the water.

Double-walled sheet pile cofferdams - These cofferdams are made of two parallel rows of sheet piles driven into the ground and connected together by a system of tie rods or more levels. The space between the walls in then filled with sand, broken rock and gravel.

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