Docks & Boathouses

We are experts at everything marine construction and docks & boathouses are one of our specialties. We can build a boathouse directly on your property that will make storing and accessing your boats easy. At Fender Marine Construction, we have established ourselves as the company to turn to for anything dock related in Orlando, Florida. We can build, design and repair docks of all shapes and sizes.

Dwell at Lake Nona
Winter Haven Marina
St. John's River Dock
Hornsby Boathouse
Reed's Boathouse
Silver Model
Bok Tower Gardens
Lake Preserve
Morgan Boathouse
Tibet Butler Boardwalk
Todd Smith's Dock
Lance Jones' Boathouse
The Villages
Akins Dock
Docks & Boathouses In Orlando FL
Lake Preserve
Scott's Dock Project
The Gold Model